Among Us

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What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multi-platform multiplayer online game with a social deduction objective. This game was originally released in 2018, but it didn’t become popular until 2020 when it was played throughout the world and gained great popularity.

The objective of Among Us varies, depending on what your role is for each game. In each game, you can either be part of the Crew or an impostor. The objective of the crew is to perform a wide variety of repairs and tasks to win the game. To perform these tasks, the crew has to walk all around the map and perform different actions like puzzles, trying to be cautious not to get killed in the process.

On the other side, the impostors’ objective is to kill everyone in the crew before they realize who the impostor is or finish the tasks. The impostors have a wide variety of abilities at their disposal, like sabotaging the lights, creating emergencies, hiding in air vents, or even traveling through them.


When a member of the crew suspects someone is an impostor or sees something suspicious, they can call an emergency meeting to alarm the others. Crew members should also be cautious because if other members think they are suspicious, they can throw them out of the ship. To win, crew members can perform all their tasks or just threw out every impostor in the group.

What different features can you enjoy in Among Us

In Among Us, the social deduction dynamic is what makes the game active and enjoyable. To make this game more entertaining, the game features a wide variety of maps and settings that can be adjusted. Some of these settings can either make the game easy for impostors, crew members, or none of them.

Some of the main game settings that can be adjusted are the number of emergency meetings for each player, discussion and voting time, killing distance, emergency cooldown, speed, and several others. The only one who can adjust these settings is the creator of the game or if the creator goes out of the room, the designated manager.

This game features four maps up to date. These maps are The Skeld, Polus, Mira HQ, and The Airship. Some of these are smaller, while others are very large. The distance of the maps can also make the game harder or easier for either part, making it also much more enjoyable.

To be unique and stand out from everyone else, you can use a series of accessories to personalize your avatar. Some of these are hats, costumes, and more. Aside from accessories, each player is assigned a unique color for each game, allowing other players to differentiate each of the players.

Among Us in your mobile

Among Us is a mobile game that can be easily installed and played on your Android device. You have two methods to install it: through the Google Play Store or the Among Us APK. Installing Among Us with the APK is quite easy, you only need to download the APK on your phone and use this to install the game.

How to use Among Us on your PC

One amazing advantage of Among Us is that you can play it either on your Android device or computer. To install the computer version, you need to have an account on Steam or Epic Games Store. In Steam, the game has a very low cost, while on Epic Games Store it is entirely free.