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What is Aptoide?

One major inconvenience of Android devices is that the Play Store is a centralized app store entirely controlled by Google. This means that Google decides which apps can be uploaded and they also can ban apps that do not fit their criterion, even if users all around the world want to use those apps.

Aptoide is the best solution to all the problems that the Google Play Store represents. This app is a mobile apps marketplace exclusive for Android, where you can download all types of apps like social network apps, mobile games, office apps, and many others.

On Aptoide, you can download the latest official app releases or even the beta versions of your favorite apps. This independent Android Store has no restriction for app developers, meaning that anyone can upload their official paid or free apps, making it extremely useful to other users.

The best thing about Aptoide is that you can use it on every Android device, even if they originally do not have the Play Store. You can install Aptoide on Amazon Android devices, Kindle with Android versions, and many others.

Is it safe to download apps on Aptoide?

Since Aptoide has no restrictions for developers to upload their apps, it is understandable that some users might be concerned about the safety of their smartphones. In truth, there is no need to be concerned, since Aptoide is quite safe and has many features that guaranty the user’s safety. This app has been downloaded by up to 200 million users in over countries with over 40 languages.

On Aptoide, you will be able to find more than 1 million apps, uploaded by all types of developers, but this does not mean that there is any threat to your smartphone. Every app uploaded on Aptoide is scanned for viruses, malware, or any other malicious software that might damage your device. If the app is entirely safe to download, Aptoide will give it the Good App Guaranteed signature.

Aside from safety guaranty by Aptoide, you can also consider the reviews of other users on the platform. You have three ways to do this. First, you can see how many users have this app installed, letting you know its popularity. Secondly, you can see the score of the app, and finally, you can read the review written by other users. All of these let you know if an app is safe to use or not.

Aptoide on your mobile

Aptoide can be downloaded and installed on your Android Mobile, but you will not find it on the Google Play Store. Since this is a competitive marketplace, Google does not allow the app to be uploaded on its server.

To install Aptoide, you have to do it via APK. The way to do this is by downloading the APK installer to your smartphone, opening the file on your file storage, and finally following the steps to install Aptoide on your Android device.

How to play Aptoide on your PC

While Aptoide can’t be installed on your PC, you can still access the official website via browser. On the website, you can check out any app available to see if you find something that suits you. When you find any type of app that you like, just hit the download button or scan the QR code, to download the app on your Aptoide app or the APK directly.