Best books & audiobooks apps



Reading is one of the best and most fulfilling experiences ever. There is nothing like sharing time with a fictional character, reading through his or her story, and enjoying amazing plotlines, wonderfully created characters, and beautiful scenarios.

Nowadays, audiobooks have become widely popular, just like regular books. While some love the thrill of passing through pages and enjoying the story, others love to just sit, relax and imagine the story in their heads. To help every type of reader and book lovers enjoy the most amazing content in their preferred format, we bring you this article with some of the best books & audiobook apps.


Just like many people have kindle devices and love to enjoy the content of this app on their Kindle’s, Android users can enjoy the kindle app just as easily. With this mobile app, you will be able to enjoy hundreds or even thousands of books, that you can directly download via Amazon.


Kindle allows you to organize your books, record your reading progress, set different bookmarks, and even adjust the setting of the pages in the book, including color, letter size, and much more. With Kindle, you can download and read books in MOBI format, or you can download books directly by Amazon.

Amazon allows you to buy books directly on the website, downloading each book automatically to your Kindle account. You can also enjoy thousands of free books available on Amazon, including some of the best and most grabbing classical stories.


Audible is the realm of audiobook lovers. In this app, you can easily buy, download, and enjoy thousands of audiobooks. This app also includes a wide range of podcasts, where you will be able to listen to regular content or even to interesting podcast stories.

If you do not want to simply read one book, but hundreds of them, there is a subscription for you. Audible has a plan where you can pay a monthly fee and enjoy any book you like throughout the month, listening to the book once or even re-listening to it months after you’ve enjoyed it.


Looking for a free audiobook app? Realm is the right choice for you. This app was previously known as Serial Box, but it changed its name and now features an amazing one. In Realm, you can enjoy hours of fun novels among the most popular genres.

While the app includes ads, you can pay a small subscription and enjoy every book entirely ad-free. The subscription also gives you access to exclusive audiobooks that are not available for free users. This app lets you customize many adjustments, being perfect to suit your book listening style.

Apple Books

Apple Books is a powerful and very complete app with many options and an aesthetic design. While you can read books that you buy via the in-app store, you can also read all of the books that you already own or download in EPUB, PDF, and several other formats. This app is compatible with both, regular books, and audiobooks.

This app is complete, minimalist, simple to use, and includes everything that you want. Best of all is that if you have an iOS device, your books will be synced via iCloud, where you can organize all of your books.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is another excellent option for Android users looking to read and enjoy thousands of story-grabbing books. This app lets you buy different books available at the Google Play Store, be it regular books or audiobooks.

With this app, you will be notified about news about books, purchases, and even about the latest books written by your favorite authors. With Google Play Books, you will be able to enjoy some of the most exciting book recommendations, as they are released, being able to download the book in minutes or seconds after it is released.


Do you own a library card? Then Libby is for you. As weird as it sounds, Libby is an app allowing you to borrow books from your local library, by using your regular library card. You can download borrowed books or you can read them online, as if you were streaming them, to save storage space.

By using Libby, you will be able to sync all of your reading content throughout your devices. This means that you can use Libby on different phones, or even a phone and a tablet, and the app will be entirely synced on each device.