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Browsing the internet can be quite fun, however, many sites are tracking your activities, ads destined to show you products that you are probably not interested in, and more. All of this will waste your time, put at risk the safety of your privacy, and make you spend more bandwidth than necessary.

Regular browsers do not make anything about this, what is more, browsers like Google Chrome, only promote some of these practices. To help you avoid all of this, a company created a solution: Brave Privacy Browser, one of the safest and most efficient web browsers in the world.

What is Brave Privacy Browser?

Brave Privacy Browser is a multi-platform, free, and open-source web browser brought to you by Brave Software, Inc. This browser uses a chromium base to operate, however, the browser is extremely modified to make it extremely safe, easy to use, and it even delivers many interesting features.


With Brave Privacy Browser, you will not only be able to browse the internet safely, but you will also be able to get paid for watching ads (if you want to). This browser also allows you to tip the creators of your favorite content, without having to go through platforms that take part of that money in the process.

Best features of Brave Privacy Browser

Brave Privacy Browser includes many interesting features, a built-in wallet, and much more. Here are some of the most interesting features of this browser.

Track & Ad Blocker

One of the most interesting features of Brave Privacy Browser is the Track & Ad Blocker. This app includes a system that will block most unwanted ads, and will also block any trackers trying to figure out what sites you visit and what sites you are coming from.

On top of the regular Track & AdBlocker, the browser also includes the feature of letting you alert that there’s an ad the browser didn’t detect. By doing this, you can eliminate any other ad from a site, or you can turn the ad blocker if you need to.

Bandwidth & Time Save statistics

You must understand how much bandwidth and time you save by using Brave, which is why the browser includes statistics. These statistics will appear when you open a new window, and they show you how much bandwidth you’ve saved in form of data (MBs and GBs) and how much time you’ve saved in total with this browser.

You can get BATs for watching ads

To let you win money for your attention, instead of forcing ads onto you like any other site or browser, Brave gives you the chance to watch ads if you want to. These ads are not intrusive, they show in the background image of your New Tab or New Page, and you will make a Basic Attention Token (BAT) for each ad you watch. At the end of the month, you can transfer those BATs to a crypto wallet of your choosing.

Built-in Wallet

Brave includes a built-in Crypto Wallet, this means that you can receive, send, and manage your crypto assets directly on your browser. This feature is still being tested and it is fairly new, however, is an exciting thing to look forward to.

How can you install Brave Privacy Browser?

Brave Privacy Browser can be used on most mobile and desktop OS. You can look up this browser on the App Store or Google Play to install it on your iOS or Android Mobile, or you can just download the browser from Brave’s Official site to install it on your Windows computer.