Brawl Stars Tutorial

Supercell   |   Battle Royale

Brawl Star is a Supercell game that has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play store. It is currently listed as one of the best 3 vs 3 Battle Royale and Duo games. The game is divided into different modes and is characterized by short matches.


Unlike other Battle Royale, in Brawl Star the game mechanics force the player to finish the game quickly, either as a winner or a loser.

The approximate time of a game is between 3 minutes, in the Gems Trap mode, while, for the survival mode, both in duo and solo there is a green cloud that will wrap around the ends of the map. As long as the players are far away from it, they will not suffer any damage, but if they get close to it, their health will quickly drop to 0 and they will be disqualified.


The characters in the game are defined by their quality. At the beginning we will be able to access 1 Brawlers and little by little we will be able to unlock characters. Luck is crucial in opening chests and each one of them can hold different Brawlers. Some can be common, others rare and legendary.

The rarer they are, the better they will be in battles. However, each character has weaknesses, they can even be categorized into 2: melee and ranged. Ranged brawlers are better on open maps, while close-range brawlers are bloodthirsty on closed maps.

As you climb trophies, you will be able to get different rewards and unlock new characters. Although many of them can be found in the Brawl boxes.


The characters have a simple gameplay. You only need to press one button to attack and another one to use a special power. With the left hand you control the character’s movements on the touch screen of the mobile. It is very easy to play, but the strategies that you must apply to achieve victory are undoubtedly key, learn to move with the characters will help you to manage in the different maps, and thus know that Brawler is better in them.


In order to get rewards you will need to play against other players and win. When you win you will get cups, but the best of all is that you don’t need to be in first place to win. However, you do have to work your way to the top to get rewards.

This happens on the survival-only map, as well as in duo, but does not apply to players who venture into the gem-catching mode, which is a 3 vs 3 and only one team can win the contest.

As you advance in the game, i.e., as you climb trophies, you will have a higher difficulty level. Users who have achieved higher cups have been able to manage their Brawlers intelligently, thus improving their face-to-face combat techniques.


As we have talked about Brawl Star, we also talked a bit about its maps. There is the 1 vs 1 mode that you can enjoy in survival, where the main objective will be to survive among all.

While in the 3 vs 3 mode, only one team can win by capturing the gems that come out of the center of the map. The limit is 10 and every 10 seconds 1 of them comes out. Whoever accumulates 10 gems in 15 seconds without being defeated wins. The group can share the gems between players, although if one of them dies the countdown will restart and you must capture again the amount of gems needed to try to achieve victory.

Other modes are available, such as the Brawl ball, which simulates a soccer field very well and with the objective of scoring a goal to your rival while they try to kill you. The game mode is a 3 vs 3.

There are also game modes like Siege, which ventures into a 3 vs 3 tower defense with the objective of capturing nuts to summon a robot that will be able to damage the enemy tower. To summon the robot, you need to accumulate a large amount of bolts, so that the summoned robot is strong. The first one to knock down the enemy’s tower wins, or the tower with the least health is the loser.

How to win many cups in Brawl Star?

Now that you know the game mechanics, winning cups or trophies is very simple. You just need to learn how to use the characters, and focus on the fact that close-range Brawlers can only be used on maps that include obstacles to protect you from ranged attacks.

Long range brawlers can be used on maps as gem catchers. However, there are very good brawlers such as El Primo that allow you to withstand several attacks, and with a little ranged brawler teamwork you can achieve victory.

Focus on getting all your characters to rank 10. When you have this rank it will be easier for you to raise the strength of the characters. You will slowly advance and you will be given rewards as you advance in rank.

A key survival technique is to attack and run, although running is actually dodging, having the opportunity to dodge a hit by running we could say that it is a survival technique. Not by attacking wildly you are going to win, you need to focus on hurting the enemy and not getting hit yourself, if you have a like minded partner they are likely to get the win easily in survival mode.

How to unlock new Brawlers?

With the strategy of raising Brawlers with few to the maximum you will realize that you will be unlocking new Brawlers. The first 20 are easy to get, and if you play often you will be able to get them in a period of less than 15 days. It is likely that, if you concentrate and use the technique of uploading low rank Brawlers, you will obtain new Brawlers at the same time that you acquire game experience to face those of higher rank.

Now that you know the basic tricks and strategies of Brawl Star, you can venture out to fight for victory.