Bus Simulator: Ultimate

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Have you ever wondered how it would be to drive a real-life bus? There is no need to wonder no more, since Bus Simulator: Ultimate will provide one of the most realistic driving experiences. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this amazing game and real-life bus simulator.

What is Bus Simulator: Ultimate?

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a game focused on providing a real-life experience of how it would feel to drive a real bus on road trips. This game features realistic routes, bus stations, resting stops, a passenger system, and much more.

This game features an offline solo mode, or you can even play the multiplayer mode of the game where you will enjoy fighting for the first position on the global leaderboard. Bus Simulator: Ultimate is fun, interesting, and beyond all, realistic.


Bus Simulator: Ultimate is developed by Zuuks Games. This game has become widely popular, up to date, the game has been downloaded over 1,700,000 times and it is scored 4/5 stars on Google Play.

What are the best features of Bus Simulator: Ultimate?

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is one of the best bus simulators for gamers looking to get a realistic experience of driving a real-life bus. This game includes many interesting features, these are the best ones:

Ride in realistic routes for buses

One of the best features which developers had to focus on with more detail, was the routes for the buses. Instead of just creating randomly generated routes, Bus Simulator: Ultimate features realistic routes, inspired by long and short journeys of real-life bus routers.

Arrive and depart from real-life inspired bus stations

To deliver a better realistic experience, Bus Simulator: Ultimate includes several bus stations designed just like the most modern and beautiful bus stations in real life. This feature provides the game with an even more realistic touch for gamers looking to get the real deal.

Play several different types of buses

Bus Simulator: Ultimate features several interesting types of buses that you can ride. Some vary the model of the bus, the manufacturer’s brand, and even the color, providing variety for every taste.

Enjoy last generation bus cockpits

Hen riding the bus in the first person, you will be able to enjoy real-life cockpits inspired by some of the most recent buses. By including this realistic detail, the developers of Bus Simulator: Ultimate provide an excellent and realistic gaming experience.

The passenger system provides a realistic experience

No bus ride could be complete without the experience delivered by real-life passengers, or the closes that there is to it. Bus Simulator: Ultimate includes a passenger system that simulates real-life passengers, allowing you to feel how real bus drivers feel when going on the road.

Ride bus routes all over the world

Bus Simulator: Ultimate features different routes located in countries all over the world. You will be able not to ride only in the states, but also in Germany, Russia, Brazil, Korea, France, and many other countries.

Rest at realistic resting stops

Just like the bus stations, the resting stops should provide a realistic experience for gamers looking to get the real deal when driving a bus. To achieve this, Bus Simulator: Ultimate developers added some realistic resting stops inspired in real-life stores, supermarkets, and other classical resting stops.

How can you play Bus Simulator: Ultimate?

You can play Bus Simulator: Ultimate on most mobile devices that feature an iOS or Android OS. To play the game on Android, you can just download and install this game from Google Play, while you can do this from the App Store for iOS devices.