Chrono Trigger

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Chrono Trigger is one of the largest RPG sagas of all time. This game has millions of fans worldwide and has been the preferred game by many anime RPG lovers for over 20 years. Whether you are discovering Chrono Trigger for the first time or you are a lifetime fine looking for a new experience, the Chrono Trigger mobile game is the perfect choice for you to enjoy your time.

What is Chrono Trigger?

Chrono Trigger started as an RPG video game in 1995. This game was created by some of the most magnificent minds in the gaming and anime industries, including Yuji Horii (creator of Dragon Quest), Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball), and the original creators of Final Fantasy.

The Chrono Trigger experience will take you on an adventure through time, where you will travel to our present time, the future, the prehistoric ages, the middle ages, and many other times in history. When traveling through time, your mission will be to save the planet and fight against the evilest villains.


This mobile version of Chrono Trigger is better known as Chrono Trigger (Upgrade Version). This game costs only 50% of the original price for the game, and it features many updates regarding the graphics and the music while keeping the controls the same as in the original version.

What are the best features of Chrono Trigger?

Chrono Trigger is an amazing adventure that will take you through some of the most thrilling times in history. While you enjoy traveling through time and saving the world, there will be many interesting features in this game, the best ones are the following:

Battle in Active Time (v2)

This version of Chrono Trigger features a major change in the battle dynamics. While the old Chrono Trigger featured a turn-based fighting style, the Battle v2 allows you to fight in active time mode. This means that you can enter commands when your character’s gauge fills, but beware since in active time your enemies will still be moving while you think and activate your attacks.

Release different “Tech” moves with each character

One classic and amazing feature of Chrono Trigger is the “Techno” moves. These are great abilities which include physical abilities and magic powers. Each of the eligible characters features different Tech moves, so you can enjoy the different available abilities to fight enemies.

Combine “Tech” moves to unleash unique combos between characters

As if including a wide variety of Tech moves wasn’t enough, in this version of Chrono Trigger you will be able to combine the abilities of different characters to create unique combos. The game includes over 50 different types of combo for you to unleash against your enemies.

There are new dungeons to explore

In Chrono Trigger (Upgrade Version), there are two new dungeons: Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum. Each dungeon includes new different features for old and new games of Chrono Trigger.

In Dimensional Vortex, you will face against a dungeon that is ever-changing and existing out of space and time. This new dungeon is mysterious and a little scary, but beware because great misters lie at the center of the dungeon.

The Lost Sanctum, on the other side, is an entirely curious dungeon that features the enigmatic doors of medieval times and prehistoric times. This dungeon features many secrets, which will take right to the forgotten chambers, where great prizes await.

Enjoy the game with high-quality graphics

The new and upgraded version of Chrono Trigger features improved graphics with more beautiful textures. While the textures and the graphics changed slightly, the creators aimed to keep the same atmosphere as the original version of the game, so old-time players of Chrono Trigger have nothing to worry about.

Immersive music supervised by Yasunori Mitsuda

As one would expect for such an amazing masterpiece as Chrono Trigger (Upgrade Version), even though the creators wanted to renew the music, they did it the right way. All of the new music, which only varied slightly, was entirely supervised by the original composed of the Chrono Trigger OST, Yasunori Mitsuda.

How can you play Chrono Trigger?

If you are an old-time fan or a new enthusiast of Chrono Trigger, you must be already dying to play this new installment of the game. This new version of Chrono Trigger, is an entirely mobile game, meaning that you can play it on Android or iOS devices. To play it on Android devices, you can download & install the game from Google Play, while you can do this from the App Store for iOS devices.