Clash Royale

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Currently, one of the most popular games for Phones on the market is Clash Royale. Although many strategy applications have been developed, any of them have surpassed the success of this game.

One of the characteristics of Clash Royale is that it is an easy to understand, dynamic and captivating game. Players start at a simple level and as they gain experience it gets more complicated, unlocked options and new challenges.

Another thing is that the game has a matchmaking system which selects players of the same level to compete. This characteristic prevents players from becoming demotivated by the fact that it is possible to win and take experience. Also, you can collect your cards, choose the deck you want to play with and it’s totally free.


How to download Clash Royale?

You need two things to download Clash Royale on your phone: memory and access to the internet. First, open the Play Store or App Store in case you have iSO and write “Clash Royale” on the search browser. At the beginning, you will find the application, open it and click on installing.

After that, create an account and start to play the first online game. You will start with simple to understand cards and as you win, you will get new cards. Also, you improve the cards to increase the damage they cause to other players.

In case that you can not open the Play Store, you will find the APK version available on the internet. Only you have to search it on the browser, download it on the safe page and install it on your phone.

Your objective will be to take down the enemy’s three towers, protecting your own towers. Each game takes three real minutes, but, if you get to take down the principal tower, you will have won.

Is Clash Royale totally free?

At the beginning you will think that the game is so easy, but it can become as hard as we want it to be. As you progress, you will need better cards to beat your enemies, some for free, some for a fee. But, if you decide not to spend money, you can play perfectly well with the cards you get for free.

This measure makes Clash Royale not the game that asks you to “pay to pay”, but gives you the freedom to play for free. In this game all players have the same opportunities.

Clash Royale for PC

Because clash royale is designed to be installed only on phones, there is no PC version and it cannot be played on a browser. But, there exist many applications to PC which work like android modulators and you can find it on the internet. Just need enough memoria and access to wifi or the internet to download it.

This emulator is not only for Clash Royale, you can download whatsapp and others applications too. It’s like having a smart phone on your computer with the same options.