Clean Master Ultra – Clean and Boost

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Have you ever looked for apps that allow you to optimize your phone, reduce battery usage, and boost performance in general? There are many options available, however, few deliver what they offer. Clean Master Ultra – Clean and Boost is one of the only apps that will make your phone like a charm, reducing battery usage, optimizing memory, and more.

What is Clean Master Ultra – Clean and Boost?

Clean Master Ultra – Clean and Boost, is one of the best and most efficient smartphone cleanings and optimizing apps. This app developed by Jomapp LLC is one of the best tools to optimize your phone or even your tablet. With Clean Master Ultra, you will be able to make your phone work like the first time you used it or even better.

What are the best features of Clean Master Ultra – Clean and Boost?

This app includes several interesting features, making it one of the best options to optimize your phone. These are some of the best ones:


Reduce battery draining

With Clean Master Ultra, you will be able to prolong your phone’s autonomy by reducing the unnecessary usage of battery from some apps. Some apps will always be consuming battery regularly, since they are connecting to servers, checking on new messages, downloading content, and more.

This program kills the background process used by most apps and reduces how much battery they consume, increasing at the same time the capacity of your battery throughout the day. By doing this, your phone will only consume the minimum necessary, and provide a much longer battery life.

Avoid CPU overheating

One regular problem with smartphones is that they overheat. Depending on the apps and how many of them you are using, your phone will consume too much processing power and cause it to overheat. In the long run, overheating will cause some of your smartphone’s components to break down, requiring replacement or even making you change your phone.

Clean Master Ultra will reduce power usage from unnecessary apps, reducing the amount of processing power demanded by your apps. By doing this, your phone will not overheat, and this will too extend the time of usage of your smartphone with one charge of the battery.

Optimize the usage of your RAM

One of the best features included in Clean Master Ultra is RAM optimization. This app will make your phone much faster, by optimizing RAM usage, eliminating unnecessary apps from using memory, allowing you to get the best performance out of your device.

Eliminate unnecessary files

Surely you have reached the point where you need to eliminate files, apps, and much more content because you can’t install new apps. If this is your case, with Clean Master Ultra you will not have to worry anymore. This app helps you pinpoint what files are unnecessary, eliminates junk files, and tells you about apps that you haven’t been using for a while, allowing you to always keep storage space available.

How can you download & install Clean Master Ultra – Clean and Boost?

Clean Master Ultra is a multi-platform, available for both iOS and Android devices. To download and install this app on your phone, you can look it up on Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for iOS smartphones and tablets.