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While regular chat applications have different features that are unique to them, but some of them lack something, in the end, Discord has everything you might need. This platform allows easy communication for friends, family, gaming communities, and many others while enjoying some of the best and more innovative features available.


In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Discord. Here you will learn a little about the creation of Discord, its best features, and how to use some of them.

What is Discord?

Discord is the best and most complete chat platform, designed especially for gamers, but shared by all types of people all over the world. This app was created to solve a big and simple problem: help friends from around the world to play games together, share their love for gaming, and get to know each other.

This app was first thought by Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy. Both creators of the app had an incredible love for gaming, which is why they wanted to have a platform where they could play together, share their experiences, and easily talk to each other, all of this, from a distance.

The chatting platform started to become a thing around the world in 2015. After more than 6 years, discord has become an amazing platform for people to share while gaming, sharing memes, and enjoying each other. Nowadays, Discord has more than 150 million active users, 19 million active servers, and more than 4 billion conversations per minute every day.

What are the best features of Discord?

Discords include an amazing variety of features that make the gaming experience easier and more fun. Here are some of the best features that you will find and enjoy, when using this platform.

Add new friends you meet

Discord is all about talking to friends from gaming communities, school, or any other place. There are different ways to add friends, but the main one and the easiest one, is just adding them by their Discord ID. You will also have an ID that you can share with your friends, so they can add you to their Discord.

Screen sharing

The best feature to play games or watch movies with friends is the screen sharing feature. With this, you can let others watch what you are watching, this way, you can comment about it by talking via VoIP.

Video calls

Discord allows you to chat on video calls with friends, family, and many other people. This feature is quite amazing since Discord will provide you with a fast and reliable way to talk, with a more stable and secure connection than most video chat apps.

Talk over VoIP with anyone

Sharing ideas, comments, and talking to people, is best when you do it with your voices. This is why Discord added the VoIP option, which lets you talk with a single person via VoIP call or even with a group of servers in a voice channel.

Have a server with your friends

The best way to share time and enjoy yourself with your friends is by having a shared server with all your friends. Here you can send each other memes, multimedia content, and much more.

Customize your server with text or voice channels

The servers that you create, allow you to create different rooms or channels. Every channel that you create, can be either a voice or a text channel, and they can be focused on different subjects. This means that you can have a group with 2, 3, 10, 20, or more friends, and each small group will be able to talk about different subjects without interrupting the others.

Join and participate in your favorite gaming communities

Most gaming communities nowadays, have Discord channels that help you be up to date with the latest news of the game. Here you can read the announcement from the developers, talk with other users, share your experiences, and much more.

Create events with your friends

The servers that you create on Discord, allow you to create events. These events allow you to set a date, time, duration, and even the channel where you will be hosting the event. An event can be as simple as a programmed conversation, a get-together with friends to watch a movie, or anything else.

Your status will show what game you are playing

One amazing feature for gamers is the status of Discord. This means that while you are playing, Discord will let other people know that you are playing, and it will tell them what game. This way, they will know that you are playing, but that you are not available, or if they want to play a match with you, they can connect to the game and challenge you. The possibilities with this feature, are practically endless.

How to use the best features on Discord

If you are going to start your journey on Discord, you must know how to use some of the best features on the app. Here are some tips that will help you to have an easier experience learning the ropes on Discord.

How to add friends

Discord is all about friends, and gaming, but mainly friends. This app lets you connect with friends from your neighborhood or even all over the world. Here is how you can add friends to Discord.

  • After logging into your Discord account, go to “Home”. This is the big button featuring Discord’s logo, located at the top left corner of your app.
  • Here, you should locate the “Friends” option”

  • When the “Friends” section opens, look for the “Add friend” option at the top right of your screen.
  • Now you will be able to see the dialog box for entering the discord ID of your friend, which will look something like this: “Username#0000”.

  • Now that you added your friend, you just need them to accept, and you are ready to start talking to them via DMs or through a server.

How to create a server and add friends

Creating a server is one of the main features of Discord. This is the best way to make a group where you will be able to chat with friends over a common game or subject. When creating a server, you should also know how to add friends. Here is how you do this:

  • To create a server, first, click on the “Add a server” button.

  • Now, the server creation guide will open up, allowing you to choose what type of server you want. You can choose a School Club, a Study Group, a Friends Group, a Gaming server, or more.

  • After choosing the type of server, just follow the creation steps and your server should be created.
  • After you have your server, it is important to be able to add your friends. To do this, simply click on the options for the server (Next to the name of the server) and click “Invite people”.

  • There are two ways to invite people: adding your friends or sharing the link for the server. After this, you only need to wait for a little while, and then, start talking and sharing time with your friends.