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What is Discord?

Discord is the best application to stay in contact with your friends, share time and experiences with your gaming group, and participate in all types of online communities. More than a simple chat app, Discord is a multimedia platform that allows you to share all kinds of experiences with your friends, gaming community, coworkers, study group, and many others.

This free application allows you to use VoIP conversations, video chat, screen sharing, text messages, and many other features. Nowadays, Discord is one of the most widely used applications worldwide, offering an easy, practical, and convenient way to talk with friends and share quality time.

Unlike conventional chats, Discord provides the opportunity to create channels with several rooms or channels. In each of these, you and your friends can create chat rooms where you can chat with VoIP or text messages, allowing you to share conversations, activities, and more.

Discord is specially designed for teenagers, young adults, and adults of all ages. This application is recommended for people 13 years and older.

What features can you enjoy by using Discord?

Discord has a wide variety of features. By using this application, you will be able to enjoy many features like text messaging, VoIP chat rooms, screen sharing, file sharing, and much more.

The use of channels or groups will let you and your friends integrate better in different types of activities, all at the same time. In Discord channels, you can create different rooms of text messaging or VoIP, where you can talk and chat about different subjects, all within the same channel and with the same group of friends.

Screen sharing is one of the best features of Discord. With Screen sharing, one or several people can watch movies, share gaming experiences, or perform any type of activities together, while text messaging or talking through VoIP.

Discord is a highly customizable application. In this app, you can personalize your avatar, choose the application’s theme, and choose from a wide variety of configurations that will allow you to have the most immersive experience for this app.

Installing Discord on your mobile

Using Discord on Android is the best way to stay in touch with friends and different types of communities at all times. To download and install this app on your smartphone or any other type of Android device, you can do so through the Play Store or by installing the APK.

To install Discord’s APK, you should download the APK directly to your device and install it. Once installed, you can use Discord like any other app, just as if you had installed directly it from the Play Store.

How to use Discord on your PC

Discord is a cross-platform application. You can use this app on PC through one of two methods: by using the desktop app and the browser version.

To use the browser version, you need to go to the official Discord website and log in with your username and password. To have a better experience, we recommend using the Discord desktop app, which is a very practical and functional program. To install it, you just need to go to Discord’s official website, look into the download section, and download this program to install it on your PC.