Dragon Ball Z

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What is Dragon Ball Z?

The Dragon Ball Z Android game, better known as Dragon Ball: Z Dokkan Battle, is one of the most fun gaming experiences for mobile users who are enthusiastic fans of Dragon Ball. This is an action and strategy game, where you will enjoy many fun battles.


The story of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is set in a whole new universe, exclusive to this game. Here you will be able to play with your favorite Dragon Ball characters, enjoy many fun fights, and more.
Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle starts with Trunks arriving in his time machine to a whole new timeline. In this timeline, everything has gone wrong and all the villains in the Dragon Ball universe are wreaking havoc. To save this universe, you will have to fight against classical Dragon Ball villains like Cell, Freezer, Evil Vegeta, Tao Pai Pai, and many others.

How do you play Dragon Ball Z?

Playing Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is very intuitive and easy to learn, but you also need a keen mind to develop strategies to win every battle in this action game. When you play against different enemies, you can choose among three characters that will unite against the villains to beat them.

In this game, your characters are located in the lower section of the screen while the enemy is located in the upper one. Between both characters, there is an array of colorful power spheres. To attack enemies, you have to touch these spheres, but be careful, you should not do it randomly.

Depending on the color of the spheres, your attacks will make more or less damage. If the spheres are close to other ones with the same color, you will deal higher damage. The color of the sphere is also related to the color of your character, so you have to select them strategically to beat your enemies.

When touching the spheres, you should not only choose them considering the color of your character, but also the color of your enemies. Some enemies are weaker to certain colors, while others are stronger. Choosing the right spheres will help you deal more damage and beat your enemies faster.

Aside from the regular gameplay, you can collect the dragon ball spheres with each character. If your character has the right amount of spheres, you can do a special attack.

Dragon Ball Z on your mobile

Playing Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle on your mobile is extremely fun and will make you have several hours of fun every day. To install this game, you can look for it on the Play Store or install the game’s APK. To install the APK, you should download the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle’s APK to your device, open the APK file and finally follow the steps for the installation.

How to play Dragon Ball Z on your PC

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is exclusively a mobile game. While you can’t directly install the Dragon Ball game on your PC, you can still play it by using BlueStacks. This program is an Android emulator that allows you to run a version of Android on your Windows or Mac, ensuring you can play the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle game.