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The world of social networking is always updating and generating new applications with innovative features. But when it comes to searchers service, the market is smaller and Google is the leader against other competitors. However, DuckDuckgo has gained many users since 2020.


DuckDuckGo is a hybrid internet searchers service, because it works with its own crawler called DuckDuckBot and works with 400 alternate sources. It does this to get your search results safely and securely.

The reason why DuckDuckGo is gaining more and more users every day is the privacy protection. The searcher service doesn’t know from where the query is made on the Internet because it doesn’t use cookies and does not store information. Actually, the searcher service has an option to choose the country in order to have a proximity search.

To get the results of your search, it uses the keywords you enter in the search engine and does not take into account any search history.

Characteristics and how it differs from google?

One of the main characteristics that DuckDuckGo has is the privacy it offers users. By not collecting search information and history, it makes it a more reliable and less weighing searchers service than other searcher services.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t store the IP address of users; the only information it stores is related to the words used in the search. This means that the search engine does not personalize the results it obtains, which can be positive or negative.

This searcher does not share the user’s search data with the page they visit. That means, the web pages do not know what word you used to get there. This happens with other searchers, because its operation depends on the history that each user has and personalizes the results.

Another aspect that DuckDuckGo performs is that there is no timeline with what each user searches for. This makes it an impersonal searchers, because the results obtained are across the board for everyone who uses the same words. It also helps to ensure that your usual searches are not used by other people.

In terms of service, Google and DuckDuckGo are the same, but Google has some specific ecosystems that other searchers do not have. Although DuckDuckGo does not want to be like Google, it just offers another alternative with maximum privacy for those who want it.

If we talk about the searcher service in general, Google is designed to be personalized for each user but DuckDuckGo wants to offer protection. This protection is not only in search, but also in extensions and apps.

How DuckDuckgo work?

DuckDuckGo, apart from working with 400 external sources and its own crawler, also works with bangs. Bangs are commands that start with a “!” or shortcuts that provide the opportunity to access information directly. In that way, it more easily reaches pages such as Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia with keyword matches.

One of the frequently asked questions is that if DuckDuckGo does not collect data, then how does it make money?. It makes money by displaying advertisements on networks like Yahoo or Microsoft and with its affiliate marketing system. It also makes money by displaying advertisements in the search that users perform. But these ads are shown without tracking your location.

When you finish downloading DuckDuckGo, the application will tell you that trackers will be blocked so that you will not be identified. This is what makes this application so secure.

This ad system is viable for the operation of DuckDuckGo because it is a small company. This makes it have a small engine that can be maintained by money earned from advertisements.