Eyes: Scary Thriller

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Playing horror games is one of the most thrilling experiences. While movie horror lovers enjoy a few hours of film, a horror videogame can entertain you for days, weeks, or even more. In the past, horror videogames were restricted to consoles, however, nowadays you can play horror videogames on most mobile devices. One of the most terrifying and thrilling horror games is Eyes: Scary Thriller.

What is Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game?

Eyes: Scary Thriller is a game released by a game developer called Fearless Games. The whole plot of the game focuses on the player breaking into an old mansion, an abandoned hospital, or even a deserted school. After breaking in, you start noticing a few strange things, like the place being built like a maze, and worse than that, there is a monster after you.

There are many terrifying creatures in Eyes: Scary Thriller, so you should always beware of the dark. During the game, you have to search every room looking for tools, trinkets, or any other useful thing around, all while trying to run from the monster.


What are the best features of Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game?

Eyes: Scary Thriller is an exciting, thrilling, and horrifying game. This game includes many interesting features for the gamer, these are some of the best ones:

Several levels to play in

There are several maps that you can play when playing Eyes: Scary Thriller. You can choose a school, an abandoned mansion, a hospital, however, the developers are always adding and switching the locations, so you will never get bored of this game.

Multiple gameplays or game modes

Eyes: Scary Thriller features several types of game modes, allowing you to play each match at the same level, but enjoying different features and rules. This will keep you on the edge, by including unique gameplay features every time you play a different type of game mode.

Play offline or compete with players worldwide

You can either play Eyes: Scary Thriller offline, or compete to get first place on the global leaderboards. Either way, you will enjoy many hours of fun, but the best thing about playing online is that you will be able to compete with your friends to see who is ahead of each.

Use mystical eyes to see through the eyes of the monster

Running from the monster can be scary if you don’t know where it is, which is why Eyes: Scary Thriller features the Mystical Eyes. This is an item or an expendable that you can use a few times during the game, to see through the eyes of the monster. If you run out of mystical eyes, you can always watch an ad to get a new one.

How can you play Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game?

Eyes: Scary Thriller is a mobile game available for both Android and iOS devices. The game is named slightly differently in iOS, however, it is the same game. You can download Eyes: Scary Thriller on your mobile by accessing Google Play with Android devices or the App Store with iOS devices.