Facebook   |   Social networks

Facebook is one of the best and largest social networks nowadays. This social network came up in 2004 when it was developed by Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard roommates, with whom he developed the first version of the app. 

Throughout the years, Facebook has become one of the best social networks and going beyond the social network standards. Facebook in the present, is integrated with other apps like Messenger, and social networks like Instagram, allowing users to share all types of pictures and multimedia social content. 

Using Facebook as a social network can be extremely fun for all people that want to share with friends, family, coworkers, and many other people. This social network also allows you to meet new people, be it by adding people with friends in common or through the different Facebook communities. 

Sharing posts and content on a social network like Facebook will let you know everyone the news about your life. Here you will be able to post pictures of the latest party, share graduation photos, publish a post about something important in your life, and much more. 

On Facebook, you will be able to share all types of content with your friends and keep in touch with family. This app lets you talk through Messenger, share profile posts, post pictures, and other content. Facebook has a wide variety of features available for you, allowing you to express yourself in any way you need. 

What are the best features of Facebook?

Facebook includes a wide variety of features. Some of these are news feed, your wall, likes and reactions, comments in posts, messenger, notifications, and many others.

The news feed is the best way to know the latest news about your friends, and the different communities you follow. This will let you watch the latest posts, allowing you to find out what’s new about your family, friends, gaming communities, and more. 

One of the best features for people looking to post and create content on Facebook is the wall. The wall is the place where you post anything and everything that you want. Here you can post pictures, send news that you’d like to share with friends and family, post articles, and more. Everyone following you will be able to read in their news feed, whatever that you post on your wall, or they can read it on your wall.

Interacting on Facebook can be quite fun. The likes and reactions allow you to interact with different posts, without the need of posting any type of comments. With the likes, you will let other people know about things you like, and the reactions are similar but more diverse than just liking a post. 

Facebook on Mobile

Facebook has available apps for both iOS and Android devices. To install this app in any of those OS, you only need to enter the App Store for iOS mobiles, or the Play Store for Android devices, look for the app and install it. 

If you cannot access Google’s Play Store, you can just install Facebook via APK. To do this, you need to download the Facebook APK file, open the file on your mobile, and follow the installation steps.

Using Facebook on a PC

Just like you can use Facebook on Android and iOS devices, you can use it on your PC. To use Facebook on Windows, Mac, or Linus OS, you can access the official Facebook website via any browser, then you have to log into your account, and that’s it. Using Facebook on PC is practical, and easy, but having the Android app, allows you to use Facebook anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.