FIFA Soccer

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What is FIFA Soccer?

Soccer fans all over the world have been playing FIFA on their PlayStation, Xbox, and PCs for years, but now FIFA games made a jump to smartphones, with the creation of FIFA Soccer Mobile. This game also known as FIFA Soccer Mobile is a soccer simulation video game for smartphones, published by EA Sports in 2016, and developed by a cooperative effort between EA Mobile and EA Canada.

On FIFA Soccer, you will be able to play all types of fun and different matches against the most hardcore teams. You can choose the difficulty, increase it as you gain experience and make FIFA more challenging. When playing, you can choose from any of your favorite teams, be it league teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City, or even national teams like Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and many others.

FIFA Soccer releases live events that correspond with the matches played in real-time tournaments all over the world. Here you can play UEFA Champions League and the well renowned UEFA Europe League. In these tournaments, you earn exclusive players that outstand above others in the league.


What are some of the best features of FIFA Soccer?

FIFA Soccer is a diverse and versatile game, which makes soccer fans all over the world fall in love with it. Playing FIFA Soccer Mobile is very thrilling for people of all ages that share a love for this sport. This game includes many features, and with every update come many other interesting tweaks.

One of the preferred features by players all around the world is the creation of a personal team. With FIFA Soccer, you will be able to create your team, picking among different soccer stars that belong to teams from all over the world, like Zidane, Pelé, Ronaldo, and many others.

This game can also be played in multiplayer, allowing you to have competitive matches with your friends, deciding who the best mobile soccer player is. In these matches, each player controls one team and has to score against the other to win the match, by controlling the 11 players on the team.

In FIFA Soccer Mobile, you can complete new ICONS weekly. There are more than 100 available ICONS that you can complete. With each new ICON, you will be gathering amazing soccer stars from all over the world.

By playing the Season mode, you can climb up the ranks of the most prestigious leagues with your team. Here you can play in the MLS, Serie A league, La Liga, the Premier League, and many others.

FIFA Soccer on your mobile

FIFA Soccer Mobile is a game that you can play on both, iOS and Android devices. This game is available in the Play Store, you can install it by searching for the game, hitting the install button, and waiting for the installation to complete.

If you are having problems with the Play Store or want to install the game by using another method, you can install the APK of the game. To install FIFA soccer with this method, you should download the FIFA Soccer Mobile APK, open the file, follow the installation steps, and enjoy hundreds of soccer matches on your mobile.

How to play FIFA Soccer on your PC

Aside from playing FIFA Soccer on Android and iOS devices, you can also play it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox One, and most gaming consoles. To install this game on PC, you have to access the official EA website or Origins, where you will be able to buy and download the game. If you want to install a free version of FIFA, we recommend you play the Android version of FIFA Soccer.