Garry’s Mod

Facepunch Studios   |   Sandbox video game

What is Garry’s Mod?

Garry’s Mod is an original game created as a physics sandbox. This game was developed by Facepunch Studios, using the Half Life 2 source engine, and published by Valve. While this game was originally launched in Steam and was only available for PC, later on, it was released for Mac OS and Linux. After all this waiting time, Garry’s Mod Android version is finally here and ready to deliver us hours of extremely fun gaming. 


In Garry’s Mod, there are no real objectives for the base game. This means that it is an open world where you can do everything you want in this physics-based sandbox. When in the game, you can spawn all types of NPCs like ragdolls, props, and many others. 

To interact with the NPCs, you can either use the physics gun or the tool gun. The physics gun lets you pick up NPCs, rotate them, froze them in space, and more. The tool gun, on the other side, allows you to alter the face of NPCs, and constrain or weld them together. 

Aside from using NPCs to your will and interacting with them, you can also create and build things on the map. To do this, you can access the library of digital resources provided by the developers, and use these resources to make fun and interesting creations. 

What are some of the main features in Garry’s Mod?

Garry’s Mod is quite a fun and interesting game, but it can be slightly complex. At first, you should focus on learning how to use the resources at hand, the different tools, and any other digital asset at your disposal. After learning how to use the game, you can start enjoying the different mods, gaming modes, and every other feature available.

One major feature of both the PC and Android version, are the mods. This game has no specific purpose but to enjoy the graphics and engine of the game, which is why mod creators have developed packs that create new gaming modes, modify your status, and much more. 

Aside from using mods and playing single-player, Garry’s Mod lets you play with friends in multiplayer mode. You can choose to host a private or public server, to allow friends to join and start playing alongside you. 

Some of the most popular mods are GMod tower, Machinima, Fretta Contest, and others. All of these include their own and unique game modes with missions, and different game features that will Garry’s Mod an extremely fun game. 

Garry’s Mod on your mobile

Garry’s Mod is finally available for mobile devices. While the game is not available on Google’s Play Store, you can install it via the APK. To make this installation, first, you have to download Garry’s Mod APK to your smartphone, look for the installer on the file storage, open the file, and follow the installation steps. After installing the game, you can start enjoying several hours of fun with Garry’s Mod. 

How to play Garry’s Mod on your PC

Garry’s Mod was first released on PC, which is why you will be able to enjoy this game on both, your smart device and your computer. This game is available through Steam, but on the contrary to the Android game, the PC version is paid. This game is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.