Google Chrome

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One of the most popular browsers available to smartphones and PCs is Google Chrome. This tool, developed by Google, allows access to the internet every time you have Wifi or access to the Internet.

Google Chrome has an option to use the board version, without needing a mobile version. It means that you will see the browser like you see on your PC or laptop from wherever device.

Browsing is not the only thing that this application can do for the user. Google Chrome can remember your favorite pages, bookmarks, browsing history and save all information that you want. Also, this information can connect with your email account and show it in other devices with the same account.

Some functions

Some important functions that Google Chrome has is the option to save megas and you can browse any website without spending all your data.

Another option is mode incognito that allows you to use the browser without saving history or other information that you do not want to save. Actually, the application will not need any extension to work.

With Google Chrome, you will access your social networks on your phone without some application, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter. You can even log in to your email and download files just from the browser.

If you need easier access to some account, Google Chrome can save all your passwords than you want with totality security. It has an option where you open several pages at the same time, in case you do not want to close it. Also, this application has a simple design, very intuitive with wherever people can have an easier use.

The Google Chrome APK

On some occasions, the Play Store fails and it won’t let you download applications, so exists the APK version on the Internet. This version is downloaded from a secure page on the web and then it has an option to install it on your phone.

It is simple, just download Google Chrome from the official page, enable unknown sources in your phone’s settings and install the application. Also, this version is free and has all of the functions that we told before.

The other option to download Google Chrome is through the Play Store. Only you will search the application on the Play Store browser and click on installing.

The Google Chrome for PC

Google Chrome has a big reputation around the world for smartphones and computers. If you want to download the version board of Google Chrome for your computer, you will need another browser. In that browser, you will search an executable program which you install the official application on your computer.

Once you have the executable program, click on it and allow you to make changes to the system. You will wait some minutes while the application is installing before using Google Chrome. When the system tells you that the application is already installed, you will start to use it.

Actually, Google has direct access to official pages since the download section for Google Chrome.