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What is GTA V?

For all the fans of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series out there, comes on Android one of the most amazing games developed by Rockstar: GTA V. Up to date, Rockstar had released official mobile versions of GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: III, but we were still missing the Android version of GTA V. This is why indie developers decided to take it upon their hands and create their GTA V APK version.

GTA V is a mobile game that allows you to control one of the three main characters: Franklin Clinton, Michal De Santa, or Trevor Philips. All of these characters are renowned criminals whose stories are intertwined, and your mission is to complete every mission and see their stories to the end.

When playing missions, you have to finish them with the respective character, but this is not the same when you are roaming through the city. When you are in the open-world mode, outside missions, you can freely switch between each of these characters and enjoy the experience of playing with each of them.


This third-person game features an interesting and grabbing story, filled with robbery, assault, theft, and lots of fun. In this game, it is important to make the right choices, since things you decide might end up changing later the outcome of the game and even the ending.

What features are available in GTA V?

GTA V is a game with a wide variety of features that will make the gaming experience much more enjoyable. In this game, you can use several types of vehicles, planes, roam through many maps, pick different clothes, personalize vehicles, and more.

One of the best features in GTA V is the open-world experience and the size of the maps. GTA V is up to date, the GTA game with the largest map. This game features a 362 kilometers map that equals around 140 miles of fun cities to play in. In this game, you can travel to the Alamo Sea, Vinewood, South Los Santos, Grapeseed, Little Seoul, Blaine County, Downtown Los Santos, and many other areas.

An amazing feature included for the first time in GTA V is the possibility to choose your crew, plan of attack, and methods to finish each mission. While there are some limitations to this, you can still prove your abilities by picking up the craziest yet effective plant and seeing it through to the end.

Aside from large maps and missions, GTA V has many other features. Some of the most interesting ones are the mini-games that you will find around town, car customization, destructible environment, scuba diving, animal hunting, gambling, better weapon’s HUD, and more.

GTA V in your mobile

GTA V is available for all types of Android devices, running Android 6.0 or a later version. Since this game is not available in the Google Play Store, the only way you can install it on your phone is by installing the APK. To do this, you have to download the APK directly to your phone or transfer it from your computer, and then open the APK on your phone to install the game.

How to play GTA V on your PC

GTA V was first released for PC before the android APK was created. To enjoy this game, you can buy it at the Steam store or download it for free through the Epic Game Store platform. After downloading the game, you can start playing it and enjoy wreaking havoc through the different cities featured in the game.