How to record a WhatsApp phone call



WhatsApp VoIP calls, better known as just WhatsApp phone calls, are voice calls that you can make with one or more WhatsApp contacts by using the app. These calls work like just any other call, with the peculiarity that the voice is not being transferred directly through the band of your phone service provider, but the internet. You can make these calls with a phone internet connection or even WiFi.

Since WhatsApp phone calls are just like any other call, you might be wondering if it is possible to record them, in short, yes. While depending on the type of phone that you have this might be easier or a little bit harder, it is always possible. In this article, we will explain how to record a WhatsApp phone call for Android and for iOS mobiles.


Recording WhatsApp phone calls on Android

Android is a very versatile mobile operative system. Phones with this type of OS, might be able to use one or two methods to record WhatsApp phone calls, these are the following:

Using your phone’s native pre-installed call recorder

Some of the best Android mobiles, have pre-installed call recorders, which you can use to record a regular phone call. When you use this app to during a phone call, the microphone is able to be used by two apps at the same time, the call recorder app and the phone app. On a similar note, the app also records the audio you hear, before it is being played on the speaker.

By using this type of app, you can record any type of regular call on your Android mobile. Lucky for us, this app does not only work with regular calls, but also with WhatsApp calls. To use this method, follow these steps:

1.       Open the call recorder app

The first thing you need to do, is to open the app that will allow you to record the call. After the app is open, you can start making the call.

2.       Make the WhatsApp phone Call

The app is open and ready to record, now you can make the WhatsApp phone call. To do this, just go to WhatsApp, look for the contact that you want to call and select the phone call option. This will make the call to your contact by using the data connection available on your phone, be it WiFi or Data network.

3.       Start recording

After you are calling, go back to the recorder app and hit the record button. Some apps are quite versatile and allow you to record the phone call without an issue. Others are slightly older, and they only record what the microphone is listening. If this is your case, you have to put the call on speaker, so the recording app will not only listen to your voice, but also to the voice of the other person over the loud speaker.

4.       Finish the call and end the recording

Finally, after the call has ended, you can go to the call recording app and close the recording. It is important to do this, so your phone won’t be recording after you have ended the call. This way, the size of the audio file will also not be larger than necessary.

Using a third-party call recorder

While having a phone with a call recording app is very convenient, this is not always the case. Most Android phones do not include a pre-installed phone recorder, but there is no problem, since there are many free or very cheap third-party apps that allow you to record phone calls.

Using a third-party app to record your WhatsApp call with any type of Android device, is extremely easy. To do it, you only have to follow these steps:

1.      Download & Install a call recorder app

First of all, you need to look on the Google Play Store for an app that will allow you to record phone calls. There are many options available, here are some of the most popular and practical ones:

These are some of the best available call recorder apps, but there are many more options available on Google’s Play Store. After you have seen the available options and picked your favorite, you need to hit the Install button, and wait for the app to be downloaded and installed on your phone.

2.       Prepare the recording app

After you have installed the app, open it and configure any setting adjustment that you want. After the app is ready, leave it ready to record your phone call.

3.       Make the WhatsApp phone call and record it

Now that your recording app is ready, you can make the WhatsApp phone call. After you are making the call, hit the record button on your recording app. Some apps allow you to set shortcuts on your notifications, so you won’t have to change apps.

4.       Finish the call and stop the recording

After you are done talking, finish the call like you would with any other call. Finally, go to the recording app and stop the recording. This way you will have the phone call file with the call recorded, ready to listen or share with anyone.

Recording WhatsApp phone calls on iPhone or any other iOS device

While it is no impossible to make a phone call recording with an iPhone, it is slightly harder and more complicated. iPhone devices do not allow for multiple apps using the same component, meaning that you cannot make a phone call while recording the call with your microphone. To record a call with an iPhone, there are two methods:

Recording a WhatsApp phone call with iPhone with another recorder

The first and most outdated method to record your WhatsApp phone call with iPhone, is by using an external recorder. This means setting your iPhone on speaker call and using another phone or a physical recorder to record the phone call.

Recording a WhatsApp phone call with iPhone with a Mac computer

The secondary method to record a WhatsApp phone call with iPhone, is by using a Mac computer. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to a Mac, by using a lightning cable.
  2. Select the option “Trust this computer” when your iPhone asks you.
  3. On your Mac, open QuickTime, go to “Files”, and select “New audio recording”.
  4. There is downwards pointing arrow on your QuickTime program, on this arrow, pick the “iPhone” option to record via you iPhone.
  5. Make the WhatsApp phone call like you normally would.
  6. After the call is done, stop the recording in QuickTime. Save the file on your Mac and you will ready to listen to your call whenever you want to.