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Instagram is one of the most trending and popular social networks. Over this social network, you can share pictures, and videos, with all of your followers.

Aside from sharing content, you can also talk to people you follow or even send chat requests to people who don’t follow you, to talk with them. 

Sharing pictures on Instagram is one of the best ways to stay in contact with friends, share the latest news on your life, and have fun on a social network. You can add the location for your posts, include a description, and add several pictures on a single post.

One of the best and newest features on Instagram is the reel. Reels are short videos that you can record to post funny comments, act over a video, add music over the video, and much more. 

If you are not a person to be regularly posting content on social networks, that’s okay, Instagram is still for you. On this social network, you will be able to see pictures from your followers on your feed, scroll through different types of content tailored for you, and much more. 

What are the best features of Instagram?

Instagram has a wide variety of features, which makes this one of the best social networks. On Instagram, you will be able to share stories, post one or a group of pictures, chat with other people, and it even lets you shop online. 

Instagram stories are one of the best innovations of Instagram. This feature allows you to post photos you’ve taken, funny pictures, reels, or any other type of multimedia content, for a short period. With the stories, you decide if they last for several hours or even a whole day. 

Publishing posts is the regular method to share pictures and any type of visual content with your followers. When you publish a post, you can either post a single picture, or post several pictures, allowing you to make a single post with various pictures that you either take on a trip, a party, your graduation, or any other occasion. 

Instagram had a chat in the past, but the developers added compatibility with Facebook’s Messenger, allowing you to chat with people that are either on Instagram or Facebook. Over the Instagram chat, you can share pictures, posts, reels, send voice notes, or even add pictures that can be seen, once, twice, or stay indefinitely. 

Since Instagram had become widely popular for stores to publish their online business, they added the shop feature. With this feature, you are now able to shop directly via the app, buying all types of clothing, electronics, and any other product available. 

Instagram on mobile devices

Instagram is a social network that is specially designed for Android and iOS mobiles. You can download this app on the App Store for iOS devices or the Play Store for Android devices.

If you cannot access the Google Play Store, you can always install Instagram via the APK. To do this, you only need to download the Instagram APK file, open the file on your phone, and follow the installation steps. 

Using Instagram on your PC

While there is not an app or program to use Instagram on your PC, you can always access it by a browser on Linux, Mac, or Windows computers. Even though you can use the app on browsers, this will be limited, since the browser version only allows you to watch posts, reels, and different things, but not publish any type of posts.