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Watching TV shows, movies, anime, and much other multimedia content is one of the favorite ways for people to enjoy their time. While there are many expensive paid streaming services, there are also some incredibly cheap ones, and best of all, many others that are free, like iQIYI. In this article, we will analyze and review everything about this amazing app where you can watch all types of content for free.

What is iQIYI

iQIYI is a streaming platform with a conjoint app, where you can watch movies, TV shows, anime, and even the most popular Asian dramas. This free streaming service was launched o April 22th, 2010, in China. Currently, iQIYI has over 500 million active users a month, and more than 6 billion hours have been spent watching content on this service.

Users worldwide can use this service via mobile app or online platform to enjoy hundreds of hours of diverse multimedia content. This service can be used to watch the content in multiple languages and use subtitles.

Best features of iQIYI

iQIYI is an extremely versatile and powerful app for watching multimedia content. This app includes many features, which makes it one of the most popular options to enjoy multimedia content. These are some of the best features that you will enjoy when using this app:

Wide range of genres

One of the best things about iQIYI is that this streaming service includes content from a wide variety of genres and formats. iQIYI features movies, TV shows, animes, Asian dramas, and much more.

Download or stream the content

To enjoy the different multimedia content in iQIYI, you can pick one of two choices: Stream it or download it to watch it later. If you decide to stream the video, you can enjoy all of the available movies and shows on the service without using space on your device. When looking to watch the content at a later time, you can download it, and later on, watch your favorite shows whenever you have the chance.

Extremely easy to use

Using iQIYI is extremely easy. This app features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which will let you use the service and the app, without requiring you to watch tutorials to know how it works. By having such an intuitive interface, you will be able to switch streaming options, change language, configure the app settings, and more.

No ads in the Premium version

If you want to avoid seeing ads, you can pick to pay for the VIP or premium version. This app includes many features, on top of eliminating all of the ads in the app.

Use the same account on multiple devices

One of the best things about iQIYI is that you will be able to use the same account on multiple devices. By synchronizing your account, you can keep track of what you’ve watched, check the watching history, mark videos as favorites, and others videos to watch later.

Support for multiple languages

While iQIYI is a Chinese streaming service, this app supports several languages. Whenever you watch an anime, movie, TV show, or other, you will be able to choose the audio language and even the language for the subtitles.

Cast movies from your phone to your TV

One of the best features of iQIYI is being able to cast all of the multimedia content from your phone to your TV. This means that you can easily choose what you want to watch on your phone, and then stream it on your smart TV, to watch it on your widescreen with 1080p quality.

Downloading & installing iQIYI

You can use iQIYI on practically any device. While there is no Mac OS nor a Windows app, you can use the streaming service online by accessing the iQIYI official website. By opening the official site on any browser supporting multimedia streaming, you can watch content on your desktop computer.

If you are looking to use iQIYI on your mobile, the service is available for both iOS and Android devices. To install iQIYI on your Android device, you can look for the app on the Google Play Store or click this link, then you have to hit the “Install” button, and wait for the installation. For installing the app on iOS devices, you can look for iQIYI on Apple’s App Store or by clicking the link.