Meetingbears, the app where you can report if you come across a bear


The brown bear is an endangered species that in Spain inhabits the northern mountainous region, situated in between the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian mountain assortment. It is believed that in the latter there are just around 350 specimens, shielded by the administration.

The Asturias Bear Basis is a non-financial gain firm whose goal is to market, encourage, promote and have out functions aimed at the conservation, safety and scientific analysis of Cantabrian brown bear populations and their pure habitat.

In buy to prolong its routines and have a practical source, the basis commissioned the growth firm GooApps an software that facilitates to deliver continual and simultaneous monitoring of the existence of brown bears, hence contributing to the preservation of and conservation of the species. As a result was born Meeting Bears.

Meetingbears, the app where you can report if you cross a bear

For citizens and gurus

This software includes 3 types of obtain. The first would be for conclusion people. They can use the cell software to record signals of bear presence in real time and by means of all areas of distribution of the species.

They also have a guideline on the distinctive indications that can be located and how to discover them. The app offers hikers and ranchers to ship these indications by way of photographs as very well as published text..

Meetingbears also addresses duly accredited industry experts, as brokers of the rural ecosystem.. They can also sign-up the existence of bears, as well as visualize the presence of bears now registered.

At last, the Asturias Bear Foundation alone advantages from all this crowdsourcing, with a worldwide visualization of the full brown bear populace, being capable to know their location in genuine time via citizen science.

The app Meetingbears is obtainable for free on Google Play and the Application Store.