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Facebook is an application that has had great growth with the passing of time, so much so that it has developed an application for its messaging system. Messenger is an application to facebook’s users that allows them to communicate with friends of the application.

In the past few years, the Facebook application has become popular in its phone version, when before the people used it from PC. Althrouth, to take full advantage of the application, you need to download Facebook Messenger and official Facebook on your smartphone or iSO.

Steps to download Messenger

Currently, to be able to use Facebook, the users must download the application in case that you want to use Messenger. Before, the application used a private messenger like Instagram, but Messenger changed that. It is like using WhatsApp or Telegram since your phone, but with more contact.

The first step is to open the Play Store or App Store if you have an iSO and search “Messenger” on the browser. The application will be at the first position, so you just click on install and wait a few minutes. After that, you have to open the application, access your Facebook account and you will start to send a messenger.

The Messenger experience is very similar to other messaging services. Here you will be able to send photos, record voice, send messages to your friends, create new groups and more.

Messenger is free?

Like other messenger applications, Messenger is absolutely free and it has many advantages. One of these is that you can communicate with people from other countries more easily. This is because Facebook is the most used application around the world and people are more likely to be contacted by others. For example, whatsapp can not do this because it is associated with the person’s number and is more private.

Also, to start using Messenger, you don’t need to give your phone number, only need your user name and the password of Facebook. On the other hand, this means that your conversations are available, no matter which device you connect to.

Messenger for PC

Because messenger is not available as an official application for PC, all the activity you have on your phone, you will be able to see it on the internet. That means, you will have to enter facebook through google search, access your account and that’s it.

There are Google Chrome extensions that allow you to access the application easier from your PC. You can find these extensions in the settings of Google Chrome or any other browser and click on add. You will have access to your account and you will be notified of new messages on a more regular time.

Actually, Opera has included this extension in its side panel, where you will find Whatsapp, telegram and twitter too. You only have to enter your facebook account and you will be able to use the messenger for free.

Currently, Messenger is the third most used messaging platform around the world.