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What is Microsoft Office?

For years, Microsoft Office has been one of the most popular office applications for creating and editing all sorts of documents. Now you can not only use Office on your computer but also on your Android mobile device.


Microsoft Office for Android is an application that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With the Android Microsoft Office app, you’ll have these three applications in a single one, allowing you to perform everything you need in office applications for your intelligent mobile device.

This application created by Microsoft, allows you to open and edit all kinds of documents, letting you do your office work from anywhere. With these apps, you will also have access to the Microsoft document synchronization system, letting you create, read and modify files that are synchronized with your Microsoft Account.

How does Microsoft Office work?

Microsoft Office has an integrated version of the three most important office applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. By having these three apps available in one place, you can perform all regular tasks you used to do on your computer, but on your smartphone.

Word for Android lets you create, read and edit documents in Docx format. With this text editor, you can write all sorts of documents, modify the format, and do classic office work on your Android device. With Word, you’ll also be able to create tables, bullet lists, check the grammar of a document, and much more.

The version of Excel that is integrated with Microsoft Office, has everything you need that the computer version has. This application will let you create lists and organizational charts, being able to manage large amounts of information very quickly. With Excel, you can use formulas, create tables, and edit xls files you have in the cloud.

PowerPoint for Android, allows you to make presentations as you would with the desktop version of the program. This app lets you add images, titles, and contents of each slide you include in your presentation, creating beautiful office work from your Android smartphone. This app also lets you modify documents that you have already created on your computer, to give it final details or modify them on the go.

Microsoft Office in your mobile

Downloading Microsoft Office on your smart device is quite a simple task. To install this program without accessing the Play Store, you only need to download the APK of the app, once you have downloaded it, you have to install it on your device and that’s it. You can start doing all kinds of office tasks from your Android phone with Microsoft Office.

How to use Microsoft Office on your PC

Using Microsoft Office on your computer is very easy. These applications are originally programmed for computers, so you can find a PC version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to use simultaneously. The best thing about having these applications for PC and smartphones is that you can transfer documents from and to your computer, reviewing and editing them on any Android device.