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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform developed by Microsoft, as one of the components of the Microsoft 365 apps.

This app is the perfect platform for companies and proprietary businesses, to ensure a communication method that is both intuitive and efficient to use for all employees and coworkers.



How Download Microsoft Teams?

This app offers an easy-to-use workplace with a wide variety of features. One of the best ones is the videoconference option that ensures a fast way to communicate with coworkers and all employees. Microsoft Teams can be used for videoconferences with large companies, having up to 10.000 users connected simultaneously.

Microsoft Teams is an extremely reliable platform, having one of the best video and audio qualities for videoconferencing applications. This app uses a powerful compression algorithm that ensures this great quality is delivered through a regular internet connection, allowing the team to enjoy the full quality video without latency.

Aside from being an app with such an optimal performance, one very good point in favor is that the app is multi-platform. This means that you can use Microsoft Teams on computers and smartphones with all types of operative systems installed, allowing you to interact with your work team in most situations.

How does Microsoft Teams work?

One of the best features of Microsoft Teams is that it integrates videoconference, audio chats, text messages, file sharing, and more, in just one app. Using Microsoft Teams ensures you have full control and can share all the information you need to explain things to coworkers, using the files and information at your disposal to support yourself.

For videoconferencing, this app includes many tools that go beyond the simple sharing of your video feed. With Microsoft Teams, you can customize your virtual background, share your screen to show documents to coworkers, use whiteboards, allow participants to raise hands, and more.

Microsoft Teams also includes an extremely convenient feature for workplaces, which is the integration with other Microsoft apps like the ones from the Office family. Thanks to this feature, you can integrate Excel and Word through the app, allowing you to share information, modify it in real-time, and make elaborate and detailed explanations of everything.

Since Microsoft Teams will be used for a work environment, it must be a secure application. The good news is that the app is extremely safe since it was developed with the most complex and strong cyber security criterion up to date.

Is Microsoft Teams free?

While Microsoft Teams offers several paid plans, the regular use of this app is entirely free. The free version of the app allows for a maximum of 300 simultaneous users, 5 GB of storage, full integration with up to 100 apps, and a few extra features. For large companies, we recommended the paid plans since these offer extremely beneficial features that make the digital workplace much easier and efficient.

Microsoft Teams on your mobile

Having Microsoft Teams on your smartphone is an easy task. This app is available on the iOS store Android’s Google Play Store. To install it on Android, you can just access the Play Store, hit the download option, and wait for it to install.

An alternative method is to install the Microsoft Teams app via APK. To do this, you need to download the APK file and open it on your smartphone. The installation process is quite easy and it will only take a few seconds for the app to be fully installed.

How to play Microsoft Teams on your PC

Microsoft Teams is fully available for PC. To download this app on your PC, you can access the official website of the app and download the installer, allowing you to install this program and login, by using the same account you log in on your smartphone.