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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game developed by the Swedish company Mojang Studios. This game has become one of the most popular videogames, creating a worldwide sensation on the internet. With this game, players can recreate all types of architectonical complex buildings and many amazing creations.

Minecraft has two game modes: survival and creative. In survival mode, you can play by gathering all types of resources, mining ores, building hideouts, and using all of them to survive. In survival mode, you will find enemies like creepers, zombies, spiders, and other terrifying creatures. These enemies will try to kill you on sight, which is why your objective is to survive.

The survival mode of Minecraft can be very fun. In this game mode, you can also enjoy looking for different animals and plants, to create your greenhouse and farm. In survival, you can also dig into caves or mines, to look for iron, silver, gold, diamond, and different types of ores that will allow you to create instruments, armors, weapons, and many different items.

Creative mode is entirely different from survival. In this game mode, your main objective is to create and have fun. Here you will not find any type of zombies, creepers nor any other mobs that try to kill you. In creative mode you can even fly, giving you access to different heights that facilitate the building process for large buildings and all types of structures.

What are the main features of Minecraft?

Playing Minecraft can be an extremely fun experience, for both adults and children. This innovative game will challenge your imagination, and provide you with tools that will allow you to make wonderful creations.

In survival mode, your goal is to survive and create one or several hideouts. To do this, you can use your crafting table and all the available resources in the world, to make the most fun and interesting homes. Many players create air floating fortresses, water mansions, underground hideouts, castles, and many other interesting buildings.

When you play in creative mode, you have all the available materials at your disposal. This game mode allows your imagination to roam free, to create anything that you want without any type of limitations. This game mode is quite fun for innovative minds, that want to create all types of buildings, complex mechanical designs, and much more.

When playing Minecraft, it is important to learn how to use the Redstone. This is an ore that lets you create complex mechanical systems. By using the Redstone, you can create automatically harvest systems, mechanical levers, elevators, and many other interesting systems.

Minecraft on your mobile

If you want to start enjoying Minecraft on your android mobile, but cannot access the Google Play Store, you can just install the APK. To do this, you need to download the Minecraft APK, wait for the download to be completed, open the APK file, and follow the steps for the installation. After installing the game, you can start enjoying everything that Minecraft has to offer.

How to play Minecraft on your PC

Minecraft has a PC version that you can play on your Windows computer. To enter the official Minecraft network, you need to have an official Mojang account and use this to login into the Minecraft app for Windows. You can download Minecraft’s installer and open this file on your PC, follow the steps, and enjoy the game. Minecraft is also available on PS4, Xbox, macOS, iOS, Linux, and many others.