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What is Monopoly?

Monopoly is one of the most famous strategy board games in the world, designed and manufactured by Hasbro. Fans and lovers of this classical board game will enjoy knowing that the classic Hasbro game made its jump from the board to the mobile device universe. Now you can enjoy playing Monopoly with your friends and family, thanks to Marmalade Game Studio, which developed this mobile version.


The Monopoly mobile game is even more fun than the classical board game. You can either play this Android game online with friends and family or offline on a local Wi-Fi connection. This game is designed as a multi-platform game, meaning that you can play Monopoly on your Android device, with friends that use either iOS devices or PC with Windows.

Setting up a Monopoly game with your friends is quite easy. You only have to choose the player mode, pick the special rules, select your piece among the new and classical options, enter the board game, and finally start buying properties to build your empire.

What are the best features of Monopoly?

Monopoly includes a wide variety of features that make the game more fun and enjoyable. The first and most innovative feature is the use of video chat. Since the original game was designed to be played in person, the next best thing is to have a video chat with the other players. Using this feature, you can talk to your friends and family while you play the game, enjoying many hours of fun.

This game lets you choose some of the special house rules that have become popular among families. Some of the most popular rules are free parking, skip spaces, $400 when landing on Go, no auctions or auctions only, quick end, quick hotels, quick jail time, and many others. When the game starts, you can choose your favorite rules and enjoy them with every other player.

An amazing feature of Monopoly mobile is the inclusion of high-quality graphics and beautiful animations. In this game, you will see large buildings, animated traffic, moving pieces, and other fun animations that will make you fall in love with this mobile board game. Monopoly also lets you choose different themes, like Transylvania, New York 2121, Victorian London, and many others.

Monopoly for Android is an entirely free and fun game to play with friends. This means that the game does not include any ads, so you will be able to enjoy the game without distractions from any ads.

How can you install Monopoly on your mobile?

Installing Monopoly on your mobile is extremely easy. One of the simplest methods is looking for the game on the Google Play Store and downloading it. If you can’t enter the Play Store or are looking for another method, you can install the APK. To do this, you need to download the Monopoly APK to your Android, open the file, and follow the steps for the installation.

How to play Monopoly on your PC

Monopoly is a multiplatform game for the whole family. Aside from installing the game on your Android mobile, but you can also play it on your iOS smart devices, Nintendo Switch, and PC. To install it, you need to download the installer on the developer’s official website, install the game, and enjoy several hours of fun with your family and friends.