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While books are a passion for many readers, others prefer manga, one of the best formats to enjoy Japanese comics with great plots and amazing drawings. If you are looking to know one of the best manga apps, we strongly recommend Piccoma. In this article, we will do a detailed review of Piccoma, what is this app, how popular is it, and what are its best features.

What is Piccoma?

Piccoma is one of the most popular manga apps in Japan and several other countries worldwide. This app ranked as one of the largest apps in the world, and it is also listed among the ones who made the biggest income in 2021. This year, Piccoma surpassed the 1 billion dollars income, making it one of the most popular and profitable manga apps online.

This app was developed by Kakao Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of a Korean internet company called Kakao. Piccoma was first launched in 2016, however, it became extremely popular these past two years. Currently, Piccoma holds up to 4.5 million active users a day. There are more than 70,000 titles on this app, including a wide range of mangas, smartoons, web novels, audio novels, and more.


While Piccoma is available as an app for Android and iOS devices, you can enjoy the content of your subscription online. To do this, you only need to access Piccoma’s Official Website. Here users can log in with their account and read any manga they read on their app but their desktop computers.

What are the best features of Piccoma?

Piccoma is an app with an extremely aesthetic design, and hundreds of thousands of issues published. If you are looking to know more about this app and its best features, here you can find some of the most popular ones.

One of the largest manga libraries

Among the different features of Piccoma, the number of manga volumes available to be bought at this service is one of the best ones. Piccoma picks some of the best mangas available, joining with manga studios all over Japan and even in other Asian countries, to deliver the best stories to their readers.

There are free mangas available

When a Piccoma user buys a manga, he or she can wait for 24 hours and several others will become available for free. This additionally free content is one of the best features that users of this app can enjoy when reading some of the best and most interesting mangas available.

Smartoons in full color

While some readers are in love with manga even though they are in black and white, other Piccoma users are there for the smartoons. These are fully colored cartoons that are fully optimized for smart devices, making them better for reading in a vertical format.

Great selection of light novels

Light novels are one of the most popular reading materials in Japan and several other Asian countries. Piccoma has one of the largest light novel libraries in the whole world, including the novels that gave birth to some of the most popular animes in transmission and several others which are only in that format.

Users can keep track of their reading progress

If you are reading a large novel or manga, Piccoma will keep track of the progress by setting a bar that increases as you read more of your manga or light novel. By using this, you will be able to know how far down your novel or manga you are going and how much of your favorite story is left to read.

How to use Piccoma

Piccoma is a service restricted to Japan. This means that you are not able to access Piccoma from other countries, but like for most things, there is a workaround to fix that. You can use a VPN when accessing Piccoma, making the service think that you are in Japan, allowing you to be able to read and enjoy all of the available content in Piccoma.

The service of Piccoma is available to be used on desktop computers and mobile devices. You can download and install Piccoma on any smartphone using Android or iOS. You can also access this service by entering the official website with your Piccoma account.