Plants vs Zombies

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If zombies are attacking your home and you don’t know where to run, we recommend you start planting as many plants as you can. While this might not work in real life, in Plants vs Zombies you will be able to protect yourself and your home, with the help of these plants, which will attack the zombies and help you defend yourself.

Plant vs Zombies is an action-strategy game, very similar to the old tower defense games, only that instead of towers, you will be using plants that shoot the zombies and protect you. This game is an excellent option to play solo or even with friends, helping each other defeat the zombies and survive the zombie’s waves. 

This game includes around 50 levels, with different times of day and weather. The game features day, night, and fog scenarios. You will be also able to play around your swimming pool and on the rooftop of your home, defending it against the waves of zombies. 


Plants vs Zombies allows you to earn up to 49 perennials and coins. With these coins, you can buy pets, power-up for plants, and many other items to help you win faster at each stage. 

What are some of the best features of Plants vs Zombies?

Plants vs Zombies is a very fun game to play solo or with friends. This game includes many features that will make the game fun, and interesting, allowing you to have several hours of fun each day. 

One of the best features in the game is the different game modes. In Plants vs Zombies, you will be able to play adventure mode, mini-games, different types of puzzles, survival mode which can be quite challenging, and the Zen Garden mode. Each game mode has its unique features, making it feel like a whole different game with a new set of challenges for each mode. 

In the game, there are 26 types of zombies. You have to learn which zombies are weaker against which plants, to have a better strategy when planting the plants to beat the horde of zombies. 

For those lovers of nice music and excellent graphics, this game is for you. Plants vs Zombies features amazing features for both the zombies and the plants, the game also features an amazing soundtrack, which can be quite fun to hear as you play throughout each match. 

Plants vs Zombies for mobile devices

Plants vs Zombies is a multi-platform game, available in both Android and iOS mobiles. To download this game, you have to access the App Store for iOS devices or the Play Store for Android devices. In the app market, you will be able to download and install the game.

If you cannot enter Google’s Play Store, you can always install this game by using the APK. To do this, just download the Plants vs Zombies APK, open the file on your Android device, follow the steps to install the game, and start enjoying several hours of fun. 

How to play Plants vs Zombies on PC

While Plants vs Zombies was originally released as a mobile-only game, the developers have programmed a Windows version of the game. To play this game, you can acquire it for a really low price on Steam or you can play the free version by downloading an Android emulator and installing it via APK.