Put any text on the iPhone lock screen thanks to Any Text


Do you have a IphoneWould you like to have a concept always in see on the lock display Would you love it if you could leave on the Lock Monitor that phrase that is your lev motiv, that oriental quotation that guides your methods, your partner’s declaration of appreciate or these amusing text that always bring a smile to your confront?


It is doable many thanks to a cell software for iOS termed. Any Textual content. With it you can established the text you want to show up every time you pick up the Apple iphone.

Put any text on the iPhone lock screen thanks to Any Text

The app will allow you to configure elements such as font style, width, whether or not it is daring or not, how it is aligned on the display, etcetera, whether or not it is superimposed on the track record or addresses it, and so on.

The creator of this tool is the developer. Sindre Sorhuswho tells how he was thrilled when Apple released lock screen widgets in iOS 16. “As a consequence, I made 3 applications especially. This is one particular of them,” he points out.

Textual content can differ automatically

Sorhus also clarifies that the application supports shortcuts, so it is attainable to “automate the textual content exhibited with automations”.

This option can be incredibly awesome if it is nicely exploited, as it permits you to to program the lock display screen textual content to modify only dependent on the times or destinations where the person is found.

The app Any Textual content is readily available on the Application Retail store fully cost-free of demand and it will only steal 3.1 Mb of place on your gadget.