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Before publishing any photo, it always goes through some special editions to make them look perfect. The filters that we add to the images on instagram, the adjustments of light, shadow and other edits are always done. For this, there are many applications that make it easy for you to edit quality images.

The smartphone has been a useful tool where we can install applications that allow us to edit photos. One of those applications that is considered the most complete on the market is Snapseed.

Snapseed is a free app that gives you several professional options for high quality photo editing. This application is available for android and iPhone, where you can edit any photo.

How use Snapseed?

Snapseed includes many tools, from the simplest to the most professional ones that allow you to play with your photos. Within the basic tools, you can crop the image, adjust light, shadow, add filters.

On the home screen of this application, you will find a “+” that allows you to bring the image to the application. This application doesn’t take pictures, so you will have to take it previously with your phone’s camera. Then, at the top you will find three points where you will find the settings, the last action, tutorials and support.

In the settings section you will see:

  • Snapseed dark mode, which allows you to save battery.
  • Size in which you want to edit, which should not be touched because it comes preset.
  • “Format Resolution” must be set to 100% to be able to edit the image at its highest quality.

You can use the application superficially or professionally, using the advanced tools. Superficially, you can apply a filter and save your edits. If you want to edit images in more detail, we will show you the tools for that below. There are about 28 functions, but here are the most important ones.

Improve photo

This tool is widely used by users because it allows us to retouch the basic characteristics of photos. These characteristics are light, contrast, warmth, shadow, saturation and so on. To access this tool, we press on top of the screen and move our finger upwards. Then, to adjust the characteristics, we slide our finger sideways.

These items can also appear if you click on the stripes at the bottom of the screen. In case you want the application to make the settings automatically, you can click on “magic wand”.

If you want to see the difference between the photo before editing and the edited photo, you can select the icon at the top right. When you press and hold it, you will see the original photo and if you release it, you will see the edited photo.

HDR Landscape

The HDR tool manages to apply the chiaroscuro in the image, which is often unbalanced. So, you can brighten and darken overexposed areas of the image, but first you must choose if you will apply it to people or nature. The difference between these two options is the intensity of the chiaroscuro that will be added to the image.

To use it, go to the stripes icon and slide your finger in the directions where you want to apply the effect.


This tool is a translucent template that gives the image a special effect. The arrow icon applies this template randomly and we adjust it on the striped icon. By sliding your finger sideways, you will see different styles of this template and choose the one that best suits your needs.


The most important feature that sets Snapseed apart from other editors is that you can work in layers like Photoshop. This allows you to edit more easily and superimpose effects to achieve better results.

To access it, you must click on “view editions”, remembering that the chosen photo must have a contrast between the figure and the background.

Then we go to “enhance photo”, add brightness, contrast and saturation, until the image is in black and white. Now, select the double exposure tool and add the image you want on top of the already edited one. We adjust the image again until the silhouette matches the second image.

Finally, click on the card icon at the bottom and choose the combination you like to use. The drop icon will give us the final touches, moving the opacity of the images.

For the rest, this application brings the same features of any image editor that you can find on Google Play.