Sword of Tanis, a bullet hell with a caretaker’s story behind it


We start off the calendar year with a indie casual video game for mobile equipment. that adopts the style ‘bullet-hell’, but has an attention-grabbing narrative guiding it.. Currently we dedicate an write-up to Sword of Tanis o Sword of Taniswhich has just been released for Android.


Sword of Tanis, a bullet hell with a caretaker's story behind it.

It’s possible if we notify you about ‘bullet hell’, ‘bullet hell’ or ‘danmaku’. (as it is recognized in Japanese) might seem Chinese to you, but you’ve got surely relished a great number of online games of this genre. In it, players have to constantly dodge a real hail of projectiles, continuously on the lookout for areas in excess of and around all over again to take deal with or get to safety.

Bullet hell as a genre has generally suffered from not delving considerably into the stories of its titles, having said that, this mobile recreation provides it a twist.

The Sword of Tanis gives a tale filled with equal elements tragedy and romance that progresses degree just after amount.

Sword of Tanis, a bullet hell with a caretaker's story behind it.

The protagonist need to go deep into the mountains to assemble herbs in order to cure his convalescent girlfriend. On the way household he will occur across a cursed sword that has a curse and delivers misfortune to any person who wields it.. So she has no selection but to struggle to preserve her lover.

As we are in the style that we are the projectiles come from any where on the display screen. You will have to evade them while you shoot them to neutralize them.

Pixelated and grayscale

One factor we are not able to forget is the aesthetics of the video game. We have in advance of us a retro title, with the common pixelated search and in a sober black and white.

The gameplay will remind you very a large amount of titles like DoDonPachi or Danmaku Unlimited, turning out to be incredibly easy. Even novices will only acquire a few hours to move it.

Sword of Tanis is obtainable on Google Perform for cost-free.