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TapTap is an application for those who love video games that allows you to download games on your phone. This application has a community of developers and gamers who have used the application. 


The user interface has tabs for “home”, “discover”, “Notifications”, “My games” and “moments”. In these options you can discover new games, interact with other players and save your downloads. 

The most featured games are listed in “publisher’s selection” and you can download them more easily. 

Currently, TapTap is a global platform that is available in several languages such as: English, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.  In addition, it is constantly changing to solve the slowdown that is generated on the screen when you select an option. 

Some functions

Below the game titles, TapTap shows you a brief description of the game. It also offers images where you can see the quality of the game’s graphics and get an idea of how the game is played.

Each title is cataloged by types of games, Action, strategy, multiplayer, adventure, among others. It also tells you the versions of each game, whether global, Korean and others. Besides downloading games, in “News” you can see new information about many games that may interest you.

In the “my games” section you can see the games you have downloaded and these are associated with your email so you can open them from another device. 

Download TapTap

If you love to play videogames and always search for new games, TapTap is for you. You will find it in Play Store or App Store, Just type “taptap” in the search engine and the application will appear. In case it doesn’t appear, you can always download it from the official website and install it on your phone. 

 Once you have the application on your phone, you will have a range of video games that you can download with a single click. In addition, the application allows you to see game reviews and discussions between players who use TapTap.  

TapTap APK 

It may happen that your phone is not compatible with the latest version of TapTap or does not open the Play Store on your device. In that case, there is an APK version available on the official Play Store page. 

To install it, access the official Play Store page from your browser and download TapTap.apk. Then, you must activate the option “install unknown applications” from the settings of your phone and then install TapTap.apk. In a few minutes it will be installed correctly on your device. 

TapTap for PC

TapTap is developed only for mobile phones because it is easier to keep it updated and always on the market, but you can use it from the Browser. However, if you want to install TapTap on your computer, you will need to download an android emulator. 

One of the most popular android emulators is Bluestacks and it is available from the official website of the application. 

All you have to do is download the executable file on the computer and run it as administrator. Once installed, open the play store and search for “TapTap” to install it as on a phone. That’s it, you will be able to enjoy this wonderful application.