There will be strict performance standards for phones with Android 12


Android 12 is the latest Android operative system, this new version of the operative system receives the codename: Snow Cone. While this operative system excels in basically every aspect, including many interesting features, few devices have seen it in operation as a stable build.

One major wall for most smartphone and technology devices manufacturers seems to be the new Compatibility Definition Document for the new Android 12. If any manufacturer wants to continue releasing Android devices under this new version of the operative system, they have to comply with it.

While there are many interesting aspects of the new document, one that caught our eye is the “Performance Class” section of the CDD. In the new performance class, Google sets the minimum requirements a device should feature to be able to operate with this new OS.

The Performance Class does not only mean that the device will support the new OS, but it also means that the device will support upgrades, take advantage of the OS, and provide a good experience. With this clause of the document, Google is watching over its customers to make sure manufacturers will provide the best experience for them.

Is there a standard for the Performance Class?

While the Performance Class section of the CDD sounds strict, this does not mean that every phone must have the same specific specifications, but rather fall under one of the Class categories. Considering these, some phones might fall under class 12 standards, while others might have a superior class, making them better for future upgrades of the OS.

What is the Performance Class focused on?

There are several aspects on which the Performance Class section of the CDD focuses on. Mainly, this section of the document focuses on minimum requirements for the camera, frame drops, the quality of the encoding, the HDR image capturing capability, and several other technical aspects.

The good news for customers looking to upgrade their phones is that when they get a new Android device that already includes Android 12, they will know that the phone is up to the strictest standards. Here are the main requirements set by Google for installing this new OS on new smartphone releases:

  • The primary camera should have a 12MP or higher capacity. The camera should also support video recording with 4K at 30 FPS.
  • The screen should feature a 1080p display with a 400 PPI or a superior one.
  • The phone needs to include a minimum RAM capacity of 6 GB.
  • The device should meet the following reading and writing speeds:

Where can you read the Android 12 CDD?

If you are interested in knowing in detail all of the Performance Class specifications set by Google and any other information in the Android 12 CDD, you might want to read this document. No need to Google for it and look it over the internet, you can read and download the Compatibility Definition Document by clicking here.