Two out of five adults in the US already use health apps


The pandemic has been a clear boost for health and medical apps. Indeed, COVID-19 and its restrictions have opened the door for many services to become available on mobile apps and devices.


Obviously, this availability should not replace face-to-face health services, but complement them and ’empower’ consumers to access their health information more easily.

The business intelligence firm Early morning has carried out an analysis of health applications during 2023. One of its main conclusions is that two out of five Americans are already using such tools. This represents an increase of 6 percentage points compared to 2018.

Dos de cada cinco adultos en EE.UU ya utilizan apps de salud

As for the proportion of Americans using a wearable device to monitor some aspects of their fitness or health, it is 35%, up 8 points in the last five years.

“The last five years have been very exciting. I believe the next five will potentially be even more exciting and transformative as innovation continues to evolve in almost every area of healthcare,” explains Scott Whitaker, CEO of medical device firm AdvaMed.

“The combination of consumer fascination with the technology and recognition of the added value is driving usage tremendously,” he insists.

Wearables are lagging slightly behind the app trend. Nearly one in four non-users said the cost of the devices was the main reason they did not buy one.

Nearly daily use

In terms of frequency of use, half would use them daily. There are 27% who open them several times a day and 23% who use them only once a day. 18% consult them a few times a week.

Motivations differ, but 75% of users said they use them to monitor fitness and exercise, while 48% track their sleep and 46% monitor their weight using these applications.

In fourth place is dieting or calorie counting (41%) and in fifth place is blood pressure (36%). Medication management and psychological health are tied for the next highest (with 23% adoption in both cases).

Dos de cada cinco adultos en EE.UU ya utilizan apps de salud