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UC Browser is on the list of the most used browsers by users. It is available on the board version and the mobile version to wherever smartphone. It is a simple browser, minimalist, practical, developed by UCWeb which is a Chinese company.


First, UC Browser was developed for smartphones with hardware features very short, like small screen and few memoria. But, the main reason why this application was developed was because of the slow connections that phones had.

It is based on the same technology as Google Chrome and all Google Chrome extensions are compatible with UC Browser. It is the only browser able to keep 10 pages open without slowing down the phone or computer.

To make UC Browser faster, its servers compress data and distribute it to nearby servers. Also, it saves pages so you can view them later without having to be online.

Some functions

The UC Browser stands out from other browsers because of its simple design, its performance and all its functions. All of the options of UC Browser can adjust from the main, which is at the bottom end of the window.

It has two main functions that other browsers do not have: its cloud acceleration and data compression. The first one can load pages using the nearest data center, speeding up the viewing of multiple pages at the same time. Data compression or data reduction makes you use a few megabytes and reduces excessive page content.

Like other browsers, UC browser has the option to block ads, which hinder your navigation. Also, it has the night mode, incognito mode, clipboard, screen capture and QR code scanner.

Likewise, it allows active Facebook notifications and quick access to this application. In that way, you can know all the time what’s going on in your facebook account.

UC Browser APK

Sometimes, It may happen that your phone does not let you access the Play Store and you cannot install the application. However, there is an APK version that can be downloaded from the official UC Browser website. The official site is one of the few that ensures the security of your download.

Once you have the APK file downloaded, go to your phone’s options to allow APK files to be installed. Then, open the downloaded file, click install and in a few minutes you will be able to start browsing.

One of the advantages of downloading the APK version of the applications is that you can choose the version compatible with your device. There are times when our phones can no longer support updates and are left with old technologies. Play Store only downloads updated versions of the applications, so you may not be able to enjoy several of them.

UC Browser for PC

Before, UC Browser was available only for smartphones, but today you can download it on your PC or Mac. Like wherever browser, this can be downloaded through other browsers already installed on the device.

The first step to download UC Browser is to search the application on a safe page. Then, you must allow the application to make changes to your computer so that it can be installed. In a few minutes you will start to use all of the UC Browser functions.