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People around the world are concerned about excessive data expenses, whether 3G or 4G, as well as the costs of this. Currently, Xender will allow you to save data totally free of charge and even users will no longer need USB cables. 


Xender is an application that works with the same technology as Wif, which shares files between devices. These files have no file size limit and can be shared between Android, iOS or Windows devices.  Also, Xender allows sharing applications through hotspots created by the application. 

To share files, both devices only need to have the Xender application, which you can find on Play Store or App Store. 

Also, Xender has an option to share files from Phone to PC or Mac easier than other applications and without conexion. 

Xender functions

Xender works with the same wifi technology that creates an access point that will be available to devices that will send the file. This happens without any conexion of data or access to wifi, the application does all the work. 

The generated direct link makes it possible to transfer any file without size limit and up to 50 times faster. 

Xender also has other important features, among which is the backup of contacts. This backup saves your contacts as in a cloud and you can recover them from an old phone. Also, the user interface is fun, simple and works intuitively. 

The user can post your own profile photo or give a personal name to the phone so that friends can recognize it when sending a file. Actually, it works like bluetooth, with you searching in the application for the name of the phone you want to send the file to.   

How can I download Xender?

Xender is available to all the devices and you will find it from Play Store or in case that you have an iSO, from App Store. You just need to search for the name of the application in the search engine, and click install.  

When you open the application, you will see your photos or other files and to send someone, only select one and click on “send”. 

Xender APK

Some devices can not access the Play Store and can not download any application. But there is an APK version available on the internet to install it on any phone. 

The only thing that you need to do is search “Xender APK” on the browser and select a safe page of downloaders. You have to activate the option to allow files from other sources to be installed and click install. In a few minutes you will be able to share and receive any files. 

Xender for PC

Xender is designed for mobile devices only, not for PC or mac, but you can install an android emulator. 

A well known android emulator is Bluestacks or Nox, both of them you can get in Mac store or windows App Store. Once downloaded, install it on the pc and accept all the terms of use.

If you already have the android emulator on your PC, you can go to the Play Store and search for Xender, it will be installed as on a phone.