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What is Zoom Cloud Meeting?

Zoom Cloud Meeting is a teleconferencing app that allows for a wide community of users to host video conferences, webinars, chat groups, and more. This app can be used for large-scale conferences or simple video chatting among friends.

The Zoom Cloud Meeting app has a very stable platform, allowing several users to be connected and talk without considerable latency. Since Zoom Cloud Meeting is a versatile multi-platform app, you can chat with people that are using different operative systems through your Android device.

The usage of this app has rapidly grown in the last couple of years, allowing for people all over the world to be fully connected. By using zoom, coworkers can freely talk, friends can catch up, relatives can share their latest news, and teachers can hold their online courses.

This app is used for both, regular or professional applications. Zoom Cloud Meeting’s basic plan allows for conferences of up to 100 participants, 40-minute group meetings, and several other features.

The professional version of Zoom Cloud Meeting is much more versatile and is designed for a broader variety of applications. You can up to for the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan. Some of these allow for 500 participant videoconferences, unlimited cloud storage, transcripts of the conversations, company branding, social media streaming, and more.

Interesting features in Zoom Cloud Meeting

Zoom Cloud Meeting is a versatile and interesting app with a wide variety of features. In general, you can use this app to text chat, video meetings, have VoIP phone conversations, hold webinars, and perform several other tasks.

The main feature of Zoom Cloud Meeting is the ability to hold either audio-only or video conferences. By holding either type of conference, coworkers, friends, or family, can freely talk and share experiences on a regular basis. They can talk through their camera if they can or just share via voice chat.

One main advantage of using Zoom Cloud Meeting is the multi-platform feature. This means that either one of the participants in the video, text, or audio chat can have iOS, macOS, Windows, or Android devices, freely talking with people using any of the other operative systems.

Zoom Cloud Meeting also lets you schedule meetings. This feature lets you schedule a chat or meeting at a certain time, allowing you to register this at your Google calendar and having pre-established links for the room to enter this meeting at the predefined time.

Zoom Cloud Meeting on your Android mobile

Downloading and installing Zoom Cloud Meeting on your Android mobile phone or tablet is quite an easy task. To do this, you only need to download the Zoom Cloud Meeting’s APK to your phone and install it. Another method is to look for the app in Google’s Play Store and install it there.

How to use Zoom Cloud Meeting on your PC

Using this app on your PC is practically as easy as doing so on your smartphone. You can install this program on your PC, by entering the Download Center at Zoom’s website, downloading the latest installer to your PC, and installing it. After that, you can access your account by using your email and your password.